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Richard Moat home pageHello and welcome…

Whether your visit has been stimulated by a pressing need or desire to achieve something, or simply out of interest or upon recommendation, this site has deliberately been kept simple so as to allow you to get a feel for how I may be of assistance to you.

The full extent of what is possible spans educating, guiding and coaching you in how to master the ability to successfully overcome, dissolve and negotiate stress-inducing scenarios and circumstances regardless of where in your life they may arise.

In short, I specialize in coaching individuals beyond the impact of what is stressing them.

In order to know if we’d be a good fit for each other merits a conversation – or at least an email exchange – which is what you are invited to initiate if you are at all interested in finding out anything further after reviewing the other pages on this site. Connecting one-on-one will allow your felt sense to be stimulated and to feedback to you whether or not us working together is right for you at this point.

Meantime, I’ll leave you with a synopsis of my personal and professional philosophy, one that has arisen from the last thirty-three years in this field:

 To embrace, to integrate, to apply and to master is to truly know. To partner, to facilitate, to coach and to empower is to truly transform.

Yours in anticipation, Richard

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Direct and personal email: Richard@RichardMoat.com