Moativational Medicine

What do you believe is the purpose behind physical illness, ailments, and disease?

This was a question I felt compelled to find a satisfactory answer to in the months and years that followed the loss of my father, Barry, to cancer.

Whilst this wasn’t by any means the first or only question posed and pondered in the wake of his passing, it was the question that provoked the most curiosity in me and fuelled the most sleepless nights.

My world having been turned upside down without me having had any say in the matter, it was also the question that set me off, a bit like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, down a ‘yellow brick road’ of discovery.

Whilst this question sat at the helm of this adventure, I certainly wasn’t prepared for, nor could have imagined, what would be discovered, uncovered and even recovered along the way.

What emerged were hundreds upon hundreds of ‘yellow-brick-road moments’ which, when studied, investigated and researched further, lead to the formulation of what today is referred to as Moativational Medicine, a synthesis of the philosophy of mind-body medicine, the art of therapeutic linguistics, the science of human potential,  the practice of energy psychology, and the principles of quantum physics.

Moativational Medicine represents my father’s legacy, at the heart of which sits the soon-to-be-opened Bodymind Detective Agency. If you’d like to make sure you are informed as soon as its virtual doors open, you can register here.


“There’s been an awakening, have you felt it?”

This is a line from the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Its inclusion here is apt, I feel, as it is the sentiment of “waking up” that is part of the philosophy behind this work.

In a similar way to the Star Wars genre, the belief that our emotions influence our health has been gathering in popularity and earning new fans and advocates whilst retaining its original and loyal followers.

The principle that there is a link between our emotional and physical health is, however, not science fiction. It is pure science fact.

This approach to viewing and treating illness, ailments, and disease is emerging from the shadows, is being taken seriously by a broad section of the medical and health communities, and is taking its (rightful, in my opinion) place at the table of “must consider” treatment options.

Whilst reluctant to suggest that this approach represents the missing piece in the health and healing jigsaw, I am very much at ease suggesting it is a missing piece.

My hope is that by accessing this body of work through whichever channels suit you you can increase your understanding of the validity of this viewpoint, at the same time making shelf space in your metaphorical and literal medicine cabinets for its combined philosophy, art, science, practice and principles to sit.

You can have your own personal experience of Moativational Medicine by enquiring about becoming a private client here.