Become a certified professional

Become a certified professional

Whether you are currently a well-established wellbeing or positive change professional, new to the industry, or yet [and keen] to join its ranks, it is possible to become certified in the philosophy, art, science, practice and principles of this internationally, independently ratified, accredited and approved modality.

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Before and until details of the 2021 professional certification training programme become available, and as an avenue for anyone wishing to fully immerse themselves in learning Moativational Medicine, there is the option to embark upon a Platinum Mentoring Programme, the prospectus for which is available on request via

What students have (had) to say about their experiences on both the group structured, and personally-tailored mentoring programmes:

Whether you work or study with Richard, you will encounter someone of eloquence, patience, perceptiveness and the intelligence born of tried-and-tested experience.  He presents with humour.  He is direct and clear.  He sees the human condition with compassion for the unconscious pain that motivates our reaction to life.  He will take you seriously.  He will treat you with respect.  He will not pander to your ego.  He will want you to “get it” and if you meet him with self-responsibility and motivation (no pun intended) he will persevere until you do.  Long may that continue.” Hilary

“There is not an area in my life that has not been positively impacted and enriched. I love that this work is simple and it works. I have developed a clinic where clients now seek me due to my integrative and holistic way. I have been able to help people in a way that would never have been possible before with my traditional training. This course lifts the limits on what is possible in the human body. I personally have grown in confidence. This programme is for anyone who is ready to commit to improving the quality of their life.” Louise

“As a newbie in the industry it became very clear that if I focussed just on this ‘model’ of healing and kept it pure it would have the capability of creating better results for my clients. My personal transformation has been and is remarkable. I believe this work is responsible for creating harmony within me which has led to a closer relationship with the people who mean the most to me.” Martin

“The Mentoring Program was demanding for me because I am not a native English speaker, but I learned so much I can use every single day in my life, helped already a few clients and no need to state that I have a lucky marriage again and just limp once in a while, when my body wants to tell me: stop my dear, you are moving on a speed which is too fast for you. Richard’s way of teaching is very patient, sensitive, he helps you in a way which is not blocking your own engagement and makes you feel wonderful when you achieve something. One of the first things he said to me was that I never experienced anything like this and he was absolutely right. I went through everything, from worsening of symptoms to emotional roller coaster rides and everything I experienced was worth each penny I spend on the program.” Petra

“I’ve had crippling pain for nearly twenty years which at times has kept me bedridden for weeks on end. Fibromyalgia had more of my life than I did. I’ve learnt techniques  which allowed me not only to reduce pain alarmingly, I’ve also learnt how to identify the reasons for all sorts of pain, injuries, illnesses, lack of confidence and  drive, difficulties dealing with certain people and situations, and, finally, be able to do something truly constructive about it. It’s been fascinating!” Amy

“My personal [student] journey was my ‘own’. Richard supported me in a non-judgmental, compassionate way so that I was the one learning, being guided, figuratively having my hand held but at all times encouraged to embrace this journey as being unique to me and my own development. Richard offered me tools when required but it was my decision whether to work with them. Subsequently the outcomes were all mine along with the building of my own emotional resilience.” Louise

“I have known Richard for several years now and feel he is caring and trustworthy. Having studied several complementary modalities and obtained a variety of qualifications (including Doctor of Dental Medicine, Bachelor of Biology, Senior Lecturer, Certificates in Bodywork, Lymph Drainage, Adult Learning & Teaching), I can say that Richard is an excellent mentor and I believe MM is a valid healing approach, for which I am most grateful.” Rebecca

“Richard is a highly skilled communicator and educator, possessing a set of unique qualities and skills that are rare and invaluable in my experience. He exhibits an incredibly high standard of professionalism, so much so that one finds oneself watching him closely to look for any signs of incongruence, failing or humanness. I have found Richard to be very transparent, open and honest.” Shalema

“During our mentoring appointments I have found that Richard has the unique ability to put his own opinions to one side and remain non-judgemental in the interest of helping give the best guidance to me. His advice and perspective offered have always been relevant and applicable to my situation. Due to Richard’s patient and caring nature he has helped me find my own answers and insights.” Tamarin