Become a Private Client

Become a Private Client

You may be considering – and end up – consulting with me for any number of reasons. By investing your time, energy, and money to work on what matters most to you right now, you are clearly demonstrating a commitment to yourself.

Everyone is, in their own way, unique. In many other ways, as individuals we are predictable. Knowing our predispositions allows for the immediate uncovering of the ways in which we unconsciously sabotage our best efforts to creating what we want for ourselves.

One such way – and a pivotal one at that – is the relationship we develop with our unwanted emotions. As the above short video illustrates, being ignorant of the role unintegrated “negative” emotions play in our lives can undermine even the smartest of strategies, the most detailed of plans, and the most fervent of commitments to achieving any specific or general health goals we may be pursuing.

It’s a light-hearted way of explaining a very real truth, one that cannot be avoided should you feel you’d like to explore us working together. If, after watching it, you recognize yourself, I predict we’d be a good fit for each other. If nothing else, I trust you’ll have a smile on your face when watching it.

“Richard saved my life. For many years I attended all the seminars, read all the books, and came across many so-called experts (whom were more than happy to take my money), and none have been able to help me unlock the potential within me like Richard has.” Andreas

Any work that we undertake together during the course of any professional relationship we may agree to is designed to help move you away from what you don’t want, and towards what you do.

“Whereas before I felt fragmented, I now feel like there is nothing missing from me, and nothing missing in my life. I have forgotten what that daily feeling of stress and overwhelm were, I am able to embrace the clouds that arrived in my life and bless them. It’s an amazing feeling of peace and wholeness.” Fiona

The area where I can be of most help to you is concerning the psycho-emotional aspect of your wellbeing, in other words, in addressing the quality of your thoughts, feelings, reactions to life experiences, emotions and stressors, and the almost certain role they may be playing in the creation and maintenance of the unwanted scenario(s) you are seeking help with. Let’s refer to these unwanted scenarios as ‘symptoms’.

“Richard is extremely gifted at what he’s does as well as being very witty. It was great to have a good laugh about it in the process of resolving it [my digestive issue]. Thank you Richard, I am very grateful. You are certainly a great asset to the community in helping people live a healthy, happy life.” Claire

Such symptoms get our attention because something is ‘at tension’ and requiring some degree of energy, focus and transformation. This trilogy – energy, focus and transformation – represent some of the requirements for, and the results of, us working together.

“The bone pain went away overnight and has not returned! Thank you so much!!  I believe had I not been following this work, my worst fear could have been a reality. This is a fabulous contribution to the world you are giving.” Mary

My aim is for you to experience meaningful, positive, and lasting change – how long this may take remains to be seen. Unwanted scenarios, whether they be health-, relationship-, career-, self- or performance-related, represent the end result of a sequence of events, always internal and sometimes external, that have been unfolding mostly out of sight and outside of your conscious awareness until the point at which they become disconcerting, uncomfortable, worrying, or frustrating enough that you feel compelled to attend to them.

“I’ve learnt techniques  which allowed me not only to reduce pain alarmingly, I’ve also learnt how to identify the reasons for all sorts of pain, injuries, illnesses, lack of confidence and  drive, difficulties dealing with certain people and situations, and, finally, be able to do something truly constructive about it.” Ali

Your results and outcomes will be very much influenced by you, meaning you have a responsible and important role to play in our relationship; this is an empowering position to acknowledge and to accept.

“Richard is a great listener, never judges me or my behaviour, and has an ‘ask’ rather than ‘tell’ style. He makes me think in a different way, encouraging me to be my natural self. He is completely trustworthy and creates a safe environment in which to talk, develop and find my own way. He listens properly, communicates clearly and has a wealth of knowledge and experience – he only knows a positive outlook.” Dawn

My role is that of supporter, coach, guide, mentor, facilitator, and advisor all rolled into one, partnering with you at a time when you have identified you are in need of support, coaching, guidance, mentoring, facilitation, or advice of a professional, independent and ‘external’ nature.

“Working with Richard enabled me to be myself, voice my fears, hopes, thoughts and goals for the future. He helped me release my demons and taught me to look upon everything in life as a growing experience. Working with Richard has had a hugely positive influence on my life – I hope that many more get the same opportunity.” Hannah

My aim is to always answer your questions with your best interests in mind and to seek ways forward that are respectful of your starting point, beliefs, fears, limitations, and of any support network you may have or be putting in place.

“Richard helped me to get to the root cause of my issues on an emotional level, and by working through and finally dealing with them on both a conscious and subconscious level, resolved all of them, resulting in being the healthiest I have ever been. And just as important, I am now the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and am creating and achieving all I wish for myself.” Laura

The philosophy, art, science, practice and principles that underpin the work we’ll be undertaking together is a fusion of mind-body medicine, human potential, energy psychology, quantum physics, and therapeutic linguistics. It embraces complementary, alternative, allied, and traditional approaches to peak performance, transformation, personal growth, health, and wellbeing. One of its founding principles is a respect for the place, time, and effectiveness of every approach and model available.

“Richard Moat has changed my world. He is very special and unique. Meeting him was the best thing I have ever done and working with him has given me my life back. I don’t know how you ever really thank someone for that.” Julie

Through our work together you will learn the meaning of self-empowerment, the importance of self-awareness, and the value of self-assessment. We would both wish for you to positively grow and evolve as a result of our work, with the impact of it living on well into the future and beyond our working relationship. With this in mind, you will gain both an intellectual and a felt-sense understanding of the causes of, and remedies for, the unwanted symptoms life has the capacity to manifest for you.

“I also feel much calmer and happier in myself and no longer get angry easily, as I did before. I am amazed and excited by the results of our work and look forward to resolving other health issues at future sessions. Thank you.” Wendy

Whilst no one is immune from challenges, conflicts, fears, stress, and shocks, what matters most is that we have the resources to be able to respond to whatever life presents us with. Our work together will include and reveal this through an ongoing experience for you of self-discovery, self-understanding, and self-growth.

“Richard, for me it was an amazing experience. I have been noticing much better health already as well as less anxiety. My sleep is deeper and my waking is lighter. Already my health has started improving considerably. It is weird because men are looking at me differently too and I certainly feel less scared of them. I wanted to share my gratitude and news following our session – so much as a result of just three hours; I look forward to our next one.” Candice

The scope of my practice, qualifications, and registration, which has arisen from (currently) thirty-eight years as a professional, means that all advice and guidance you receive can be allied and integrated with any other advice or guidance you may have previously sought, be currently observing, or intend seeking in regard to the matter(s) we will be working on together.

“As far as they [the Doctors] were concerned I should have died back in June but as it turned out, once I was discharged from hospital my body started to fight back and recover from the effects of the chemotherapy. And if you want to know what I think did the trick, it was the treatment you gave me. It was definitely a case of mind over matter. Most people would laugh at such a comment but I knew all the time that something within me was fighting back and would not give up. That something, Richard, was your words.” Kevin

If you are considering engaging me to assist you, in the first instance contact me personally and directly via email at, outlining what it is you are seeking help with. From this I’ll be able to determine the best next step. Confidentiality is assured with all communications, as is a transparency in my replies.