Enhance your self-healing skills

Enhance your self-healing skills

If you are someone committed to playing a leading role in assessing, remedying and preventing the psychological, emotional and behavioural causes of your own physical symptoms, you are likely to want to have access to the entire collection of my research.

It’s a search engine facility whose virtual ‘doors’ will be re-opening here (after refurbishment and updating) in the very near future.

NB. If you’d like to be notified when memberships are available, make sure you have registered your details via ‘Stay Connected’ and you’ll be amongst the first to know. I look forward to bringing you this health-enhancing service.

The facility has been created to improve the health of everyone who comes into contact with its content, whether directly through self-use or indirectly through intervention with a Health or Positive Change Professional.

It gives you access to an ever-expanding and extensively researched encyclopaedia of information on how your emotions, thoughts and behaviours influence your health. It comes with a set of tools that reveal, explain, and address the behavioural, mental, emotional, and stress-related causative factors of illness; and it’s easy to use as it operates like any typical search engine.

It’s ideal for anyone committed to increasing their self-awareness and self-healing capacity. By becoming a member, you’ll open the door to:

  • Understanding the role negative emotions play in the emergence of illness.
  • Discovering which mental patterns and emotional themes need addressing for you to heal and change your experience of present and future ailments.
  • Learning how to positively influence your health using a set of easy-to-apply tools.
  • Joining a like-minded collective of individuals whose boundaries for health and healing stretch much further than we have been led to believe.

It’s also ideal if you are a Health or Positive Change Professional who is keen to:

  • Discover how to pinpoint and resolve the specific thoughts, feelings, and stressors that are partly or wholly responsible for the unwanted physical symptoms your clients present with.
  • Initiate and inspire a positive change from the pain, discomfort, uncertainty, and fear that your clients may be experiencing.
  • Educate your clients on how to be proactive in their journey back to health.
  • Achieve far-reaching and reputation-building results, while broadening your own understanding of this fast-emerging field.
  • Become part of a community that advocates the adoption of a mind-body approach in treating illness and creating wellness.

“Thought-provoking and powerful information”

The benefits of joining the Health Detective Agency are that you’ll:

  • Gain access to one of the most in-depth collections of validated and up-to-date information on the mind-body connection available anywhere.
  • Discover a formula that reveals the key times and events in the “life” of physical symptoms.
  • Get both brief and detailed explanations of the likely emotional, behavioural, mental, and situational root causes of a wide range of ailments, and learn how to interpret these explanations to take charge of your own health.
  • Be guided by real-life examples as you take your first tentative steps as a Health Detective.
  • Gain ongoing and regular insights and guidance from my 20+ years’ experience using and developing this approach.
  • Be able to apply and employ various processes and techniques to create sustainable, positive changes in your health and your life.
  • Receive recommendations on how to prevent symptoms from occurring or repeating themselves.
  • Expand your knowledge by being able to review research that was gathered and collated from decades in the field.

As a member you’ll be taking an active role in investigating and identifying the causes and factors in mental, emotional, and physical health issues, spotting the clues, and solving the problems.

Ordinarily, piecing this information together would be difficult to achieve, but using the facility’s extensive collection of research, evidence, and information, you’ll get help to solve the psycho-emotional-behavioural aspect of almost any health problem.

“The future of medicine”

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited access to the search engine database and accompanying toolkit to successfully assess, remedy, and prevent the psycho-emotional-behavioural aspects of any illness.
  • Permission to download any of the toolkit and condition-specific documents for your personal use.
  • The freedom to access all the updates and additions made to the search engine during your membership.
  • Regular, relevant communications on a plethora of content, including an update on any conditions added, recommendations, research, and developments in this fast-emerging field.

“Richard Moat is the world’s leading expert in the field of psychoneuroimmunology and will revolutionize the field of medicine in the 21st century.”

Your membership comes with a toolkit designed to make sense of and maximize the full extent of the information held in the directory, in particular:

  • Symptom Assessment: Two contrasting approaches to assessing the psycho-emotional-behavioural make-up of symptoms.
  • Remedy Collection: Five approaches to deal with a range of psycho-emotional factors involved in the emergence of unwanted symptoms.
  • Prevention Strategies: Four disciplines to minimize the likelihood of symptoms returning and to enhance your overall mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing into the future.

“It will save you months and years of searching, and thousands of dollars (or pounds) in ineffective therapy”.

What peers and health experts have to say about the Health Detective facility:

“No patient diagnosis can be complete without referring to Richard’s incredible and extensive ‘encyclopaedia’ of knowledge contained in his on-line resource.

Richard Moat is the world’s leading expert in the field of psychoneuroimmunology and will revolutionize the field of medicine in the 21st century.”

Mark Anastasi, New York Times Best-selling Author, Health Researcher & Advocate

“Richard’s facility represents an encyclopaedia of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from years of research and professional experience. His ability to pinpoint the underlying root cause of illness and symptoms is superior and is the future of medicine.

I could not help my clients in the way that I do without his expertise and training. If you are a patient looking to understand the real root cause of your illness, or a practitioner seeking to help your clients identify the meaning behind symptoms, Richard’s facility is one of the best resources you can invest in. It will save you months and years of searching, and thousands of dollars (or pounds) in ineffective therapy”.

Kim Knight, Integrative Health Professional

“From a practical perspective, I have found the information in Richard’s facility to be very thorough, the instructions very clear to use. The process never ceases to amaze me with what it can reveal for a person, and it’s accuracy in assisting a person to identify an emotional event and linking it to the onset of specific health conditions.

I have witnessed how just this realisation alone can sometimes be sufficient to begin the release of emotions and enable the healing process to begin. Since becoming aware of this information, it has had a profound change on how I view disease and what promotes wellbeing.”

Anna Gordon – Holistic Occupational Therapist

“The content and accuracy of the work Richard has drawn together in his on-line facility is invaluable for anyone wanting to understand, interpret, and explore the undeniable mind-body connection. This is a must-have resource, be it for your own self-discovery or for anyone who is helping others on their path to wellbeing and understanding.

I have used this thought-provoking and powerful information with everyone I work with and the conversations, realisations, and understanding that it enables are amazing. I cannot recommend this priceless resource highly enough.”

Lisa Leonard, Kinesiologist & Health Advocate

“Richard’s on-line resource has been an integral part of my daily practice now for over 6 years. We all have those “difficult” patients with mysterious ailments that never resolve and nothing seems to help. And we all know that stress is a major component in most illnesses. However, nothing truly explained what stress meant, how it manifested, nor how to treat it until I came across Richard’s work.

When we discover the meaning behind a “disease”, we are empowered to remove the underlying stress and the physical disturbances it manifests. Working within this framework, we allow the body to return to its natural state—a state of pure health and happiness.

I highly recommend this facility for anyone who works in the field of health and wellness, or anyone looking to heal themselves from disease.”

Dr Daniel Quistorff, MbChB

“As a physiotherapist, I see people every day people in physical pain who are struggling to participate fully in their lives.

So when people come to see me [in pain], it is usually the end result of years of health depleting behaviours, disempowering beliefs, and unwanted feelings that they have been—to the best of their ability—medicating or suppressing for a very long time.

I have used Richard’s on-line facility in my practice to access the unconscious blockages that are keeping patients stuck. I have found it consistently accurate and successful in terms of getting to the root source of the problem. A search and cause identity is quick and easy to perform and allows me to help that person become conscious as to what is blocking them from true health.”

Louise Coughlan, Physiotherapist

“I have been using Richard’s on-line resource for over 2 years and it has become an indispensable part of my toolkit in my work as a holistic doctor specializing in mind-body medicine.

Other such indexes certainly exist, but no other that I have seen comes anywhere near the breadth and depth of what Richard has compiled.

For each symptom or illness there are several possible ‘meanings’ listed. This fits with my experience that the same symptom can have different origins in different people.”

Rory McGill, Holistic GP

“I find Richard’s on-line resource very useful in helping me understand the emotional backdrop to the conditions/ailments a patient is presenting with.

It helps me to become more focused with treatments regardless of the therapy I use, allowing for additional insights into what is still “active” for the patient, albeit that they may not be consciously aware of that being the case.

I would highly recommend the facility to any health professional who wants a more complete understanding of everyday symptoms and ailments, as well as any individual keen to make themselves part of the solution to their health problem.”

Carmel Twomey, Acupuncturist and Manipulative/Massage Therapist