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Peer endorsement… I’ve had the privilege of knowing Richard Moat for many years. He is one of the most sincere, talented and passionate individuals I have ever come across. His work is changing lives.” Dr Mark Atkinson, Medical Doctor & Founder of the Academy of Human Potential.

Carmel and alopecia… I wanted a re-growth of my hair, but what I got was far beyond what I could possibly have imagined. Within a very short period I noticed new follicles growing on my scalp and other unwanted symptoms that I did not even mention to Richard started to fade and disappear. Slowly but surely layers of blockages started to peel away, blockages I did not even know existed. I was so impressed with my own results that I’ve committed to learning and mastering Moativational Medicine – it has changed my life,  how I feel about myself, and how I behave in the world, something I never thought possible. Carmel

Claire and PMT pain… Thanks so much Richard for your assistance with my ongoing physical concern. I have experienced severe debilitating monthly period pain for over 20 years.

It was so severe I have taken a lot of time off school, university and work, it has led me cancel many social events and left me bed-ridden with excruciating pain and considerable fatigue and negative moods for a whole week each month.

No medical intervention or pharmaceuticals have helped, nor have dietary changes or any other alternative healing interventions. A couple of months ago I started weekly acupuncture which eradicated the PMT problems but did not resolve the issues during my period.

I recently attended your introductory seminar and since then a miraculous transformation has occurred. For the first time I have not had any period pain, no need for pain killers, no mood swings, no food craving, no fatigue. Many thanks, I no longer dread each month now.Claire

DVD… Richard is featured in the documentary Project 10 10 10: Pill or Perception? alongside luminaries in the field of personal development such as Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton.


Wendy and leg cramp… I had been experiencing episodes of a very painful ‘gripping’ cramp in a thigh muscle, on an almost daily basis over at least the last 5 years.

I had had numerous body therapy treatments during that time, but to no avail.  I went to see Richard Moat and a few days after the first session, I realised that I had not been getting the cramp, despite the usual situations which set it off.

That was 2 months ago and I haven’t experienced it since.  I also feel much calmer and happier in myself and no longer get angry easily, as I did before. I am amazed and excited by the results of our work and look forward to resolving other health issues at future sessions. Thank you. Wendy

Andrew and cancer… Left your place feeling lighter and floating a bit… My beautiful partner said that evening in bed that I looked younger and more relaxed…Have continued to sleep well and have not had one negative thought about the memories that have troubled me for years, which is obviously down to your treatment… I have also noticed that anything in my current life has been sorting itself out very satisfactorily without me chewing it over and over to death… So understanding how my previous thought patterns have made me sick and staying clear of these patterns is definitely another positive from our meeting. Andrew

Mother, son and agoraphobia, depression and anxiety… We are mother and son, Sarah and Simon, and we have both experienced what it’s like to be house-bound and leading unfulfilling and, at times, seemingly meaningless lives. Not any more. Read more…

Bernie and skin problems… I have had an interesting two weeks in terms of getting to know myself all over again – my skin has improved, I feel happier but more importantly a lot calmer… I am looking at things and situations with new eyes for sure – I know I have changed; your help and guidance has been amazing. I’m smiling more and its amazing, people smile back… Thank you – I now believe you that my life will never be the same again. Kind regards from a very calm Bernie!

Reporter Tiffany… Richard, thank YOU!  What a wonderful opportunity to see you in action again, you were in superb form. It was so extraordinary to see you heal people and you received some wonderful testimonials from attendees from all corners of the globe.  Tiffany

Weight change clients Janie, Candice & Julie… read Janie’s full story here, as well as review peer praise and other testimonials from clients who successfully overcame the blocks to being the size, shape and weight they wished for.

The success of the weight change programme gave rise to a book and CD, which are presently being updated to reflect changes in the programme over the last six years. Make sure you ‘Stay Connected’ to find out about the re-launch.

Coaching client Andreas… Richard saved my life. For many years I attended all the seminars, read all the books and came across many so called experts (whom were more than happy to take my money), and none have been able to help me unlock the potential within me like Richard has.

Prior to meeting Richard I was seriously unhappy, fearful, angry, emotionally frustrated, in financial difficulty, holding huge resentments towards my family, friends, women and the world in general – in short, I was dying slowly.

As soon as I had a session with Richard, I felt a huge weight lifted off me immediately, I felt a new sense of rejuvenation, liberation, empowerment, responsibility, love, respect and inspiration for life, people and the world.

I have a more athletic body, my finances are better, my corporate career is flying, but none of this matters because they are all side effects of one key thing – being happy and doing the maximum possible.

Right now I feel emotionally resilient, real self-confidence and mega comfortable in my own skin which is a wonderful feeling, so a big thank you to you Richard. Andreas

Seminar attendee Ocia… I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for an excellent seminar yesterday. I was totally engaged from the moment you started right up until the end. I could have listened and learned for another couple of hours. You are a most inspiring, clear and generous presenter and teacher. Ocia


Lindy and Beverley’s back pain, Kelvin’s neck pain, Natasha’s shoulder pain, Stephen’s rugby injury, and Sarah’s twisted ankle all resolved during a one-hour seminar demonstration… make sure you ‘Stay Connected’ to find out about future events where you can experience and witness similar outcomes…

Coaching client Fiona… I am writing to you to say a huge thank-you for what you have done for me. Words cannot describe my gratitude. As you know, I came to you pretty much broken.

Physically, I had lost my health (which had forced me into reflection), I was an emotional wreck and I felt empty, as if someone had ripped my stuffing out, in fact I had lost the energy of life and the energy to live.

From the outside it looked like I had everything, achieving things that most people have found impossible:  fantastic income, lifestyle and the choice of when or not to work. But on the inside I was dying and worst of all, I felt as if I was separate from my family and my children. I felt like I simply didn’t belong anywhere.

It’s hard to put into words the changes in my life since coming to see you, and it is even harder to believe how quickly the changes and turnaround in my life have happened.

Whereas before I felt fragmented, I now feel like there is nothing missing from me, and nothing missing in my life. I have forgotten what that daily feeling of stress and overwhelm are, I am able to embrace the clouds that arrived in my life and bless them. It’s an amazing feeling of peace and wholeness.

Thank-you and bless you. There are no other words. Fiona

Stacey and skin problems… I had been suffering with eczema for 8 months and was getting repeat infections. Enough was enough as it interfered with my work as a massage therapist. I had an initial consultation with Richard, which was amazing.

He really hit the nail on the head with my emotional state. Through the consultation I had enough insight to heal myself. I am really looking forward to working with Richard in the future. I’d highly recommend him, his wealth of knowledge in invaluable. Stacey


Peer endorsement… Hear what Dr Monica Lewis, MD, had to say after spending two days with Richard learning Moativational Medicine… (‘Stay Connected’ if you would like to find out when the 2018 training syllabus is released)

Claire and digestive system problems… I decided to go to Richard after seeing amazing results with a friend. I’ve had a problem with my digestive system for 14 years. I tried so many different things over the years and nothing had worked.

So I was a little skeptical because of this as I had paid a lot of money trying different things. I almost have to pinch myself today as my problem has been resolved. All those years and all it took was an hour with Richard. Not only did it resolve my problem, I learnt more about myself in an hour than I had learnt with any one else.

Richard is extremely gifted at what he’s does as well as being very witty. It was great to have a good laugh about it in the process of resolving it. Thank you Richard I am very grateful. You are certainly a great asset to the community in helping people live a healthy, happy life. Claire

Mary and bone pain/cancer… I  started getting bone pain in my left thigh that was particularly bad at night and felt like over several days was moving into my hip/pelvis region. I was trying to shut out the fear of bone cancer because that is what the cancer markers also indicated.

I remembered your health detective work and as I read had many realizations and used the technique you took me through. The bone pain went away overnight and has not returned! Thank you so much!!  I believe had I not been following this work my worst fear could have been a reality. This is a fabulous contribution to the world you are giving. Mary

Ali and fibromyalgia… I’ve had crippling pain for nearly twenty years which at times has kept me bedridden for weeks on end. Fibromyalgia had more of my life than I did.

I’ve learnt techniques  which allowed me not only to reduce pain alarmingly, I’ve also learnt how to identify the reasons for all sorts of pain, injuries, illnesses, lack of confidence and  drive, difficulties dealing with certain people and situations, and, finally, be able to do something truly constructive about it.

It’s been fascinating! I’m recommending your workshop and other services to everyone I interact with. I possibly don’t need to come back again, but I will anyway. Look forward to seeing you and the team again. Thank you. Ali

Coaching client Dawn… Richard is a great listener, never judges me or my behaviour and has an ‘ask’ rather than ‘tell’ style. He makes me think in a different way, encouraging me to be my natural self.

He is completely trustworthy and creates a safe environment in which to talk, develop and find my own way. He listens properly, communicates clearly and has a wealth of knowledge and experience – he only knows a positive outlook. Dawn

Ed and skin problems… I have followed through on some of the tasking you have set me and I know that there is still more for me to do. I feel now that I am expressing my emotions more and, more importantly, enforcing my boundaries.

I saw straight away that some healing of my skin happened and I notice that when it flares up there is something in my life that I need to pay attention to.

I have for the first summer in a long time got my legs out, which I know sounds like a small thing, but for me was something I wanted to do but never felt comfortable doing it. Thank you!

I have seen the large parts of my skin condition clear and am really excited about the future; thank you for being someone at a time in my life when I needed someone most. I truly believe God sends his angels to help, and I believe you were sent to me. Ed

Seminar attendee Wayne… Well many thanks for another awesome day on the weekend.  Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact.

As you know, only minutes after the day was officially over I had the opportunity present itself to address something and the result is SO empowering and awesome.  I am blown away by the effect this had had on me – the result/impact of this is immeasurable.  SO happy to have this barrier dissolved.

On another note, our family has been and is being affected as a result of our learnings.  I currently am having the opportunity to effect 4 generations in my family. What a privilege to be in a place to be able to help others with their journey while learning ourselves of course.

There is no need to reply to this email, but felt moved to write to you just to say heartfelt thanks. Wayne

Coaching client Olly… Other people have said how I seem much more relaxed and “together”. I have adopted a much calmer approach to life, am a much stronger person and much more positive in nature. Oliver

Student Hilary… I’ve always been trapped in the classic, self-deprecating, conditioned stories that “too-good-to-be-true, sustained shifts will only happen to other people in seminars and workshops”, and “I’ll never be good enough to use these techniques outside the cocoon of workshop guidance”.

Well, both those stories have been blasted to oblivion!

So far, sustained noticeable transformation in my attitude.  Secondly, very encouraging sustained results from practicing the techniques on two others – one took 20 minutes, the other two sessions of about 30-minutes each.  This is very exciting.  Thank you, Richard – looking forward to the next seminar. Hilary

Coaching client Hannah… Working with Richard enabled me to be myself, voice my fears, hopes, thoughts and goals for the future. He helped me release my demons and taught me to look upon everything in life as a growing experience. Working with Richard has had a hugely positive influence on my life – I hope that many more get the same opportunity. Hannah

Laura and dizziness… I was at my wits end and had just checked myself out of hospital with the doctors unable to specifically diagnose the cause of my dizziness and how to treat it effectively without the use of loads of medication.

I was unable to walk without getting very dizzy and continuously felt ill and suffered with severe headaches and migraines as well as various other symptoms. In addition to this, I suffered with knee problems which continued to perpetuate even after 2 operations and physiotherapy. I also had asthma and was regularly getting chest infections and having to be hospitalized for treatment.

Richard helped me to get to the root cause of my issues on an emotional level, and by working through and finally dealing with them on both a conscious and subconscious level, resolved all of them, resulting in being the healthiest I have ever been. And just as important, I am now the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and am creating and achieving all I wish for myself.

Richard is an amazing and gifted professional. His calm, non-judgmental and friendly disposition immediately puts you at ease. He has the uncanny knack of quickly honing in on the real issues and problems, even those which at times I was unaware of consciously and, by merely talking to him, was then able to identify and deal with.

Whether I experienced up or downs, Richard always maintained a reassuring yet assertive attitude which in itself was very comforting and helped me feel totally secure in the process and with whatever I was experiencing both physically and emotionally.

Having seen psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors in the past, Richard is the first person who has ever helped me with actually dealing with letting go of the past and finding new empowering ways of living my life and moving forward.

I now consider Richard as a friend and a mentor and will always be grateful for the expertise, kindness and caring he shared.

I would not hesitate to recommend Richard to anyone, immaterial of their dis-ease or situation, and I know that the people that I have already referred to him have gained enormous benefit and results. Laura

Coaching client James… The most enlightening lesson from working with Richard was that stressing or worrying about a situation over which I have no control is futile, understanding that if I have control then I have the power to alter whatever might be causing that situation.

I learnt how to manage my feelings and to create my future through visualization, breathing differently and thinking positively. I was astounded to see just how much of what happened in my childhood has shaped the way I am today, and have learnt the importance of timing and sending out the right vibes. James

Seminar attendee Aram… I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say well done for such a wonderful seminar. I had a massive headache by time I got home.

I feel quite tearful and have been so touched by the love and concern that you showed all of the participants that I realise now why I came wandering to your doorstep to help me find the answers to so many questions. You know when I thank you I really mean “Thank You Richard!”

I feel deeply inspired by the amount of work that you have done on emotional health. I realised today how different I am to 6 months ago and the biggest change has happened as a result of working with you. I made a point of going out of my way to go and talk to people during break and lunch and I listened to what they had to say. I have never done this before and now I can see a real change in who I am. Aram

Coaching client Toby… Richard is caring, sincere and honest and provides direction and ‘moativation’. He takes an holistic approach to your well being, has a broad scope of knowledge, and helps you find the right path for yourself. Toby

Coaching client Kerina… I have improved my communication skills at work and learned to assess situations more.

I now think before I react to people, have changed my behaviour to become more assertive and understand the need to respect that people have different values to mine.

I have managed to get the desired responses from people who have previously been negative towards me, turned my health around, facilitated many life changes and developed a more positive outlook.

I have realised my dream of running my own business, become more patient and relaxed, increased my personal confidence…basically, I have improved all aspects of my life. Kerina

Sue and a disabled right hand… (written on a one-inch-thick piece of wood)

Dear Richard – this is the board I broke using my right hand on Sunday. It’s hard to find the words to express what this means to me. I truly believed I would never regain the full use of my hand, until I met you.

I don’t need the board to remind me of the last 3 years so I am sending it to you with my love and my thanks. It is to remind you of what you have done for me. Thank you! Sue