Liberated Life Series

Liberated Life Series

My Liberated Life Series focusses on helping individuals and families who are debilitated by depression, anxiety and related conditions. It is my experience and contention that these states can be reversed with the right know-how. Here’s one such success story…

In 1995, I was invited onto a UK day-time television show to help a lady with crippling agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. I feel it appropriate that the family involved, and the lady herself, tell the story…

“We are mother and son Sarah and Simon and we have both experienced what it’s like to be house-bound and leading unfulfilling and, at times, seemingly meaningless lives. Not any more.

Our lives have been transformed and we wish to let as many people know as we can that there is a solution.

You are able to read this thanks to an appearance on The Trisha Goddard Show, where we were introduced to Richard Moat. With his and a colleague’s help, I have been able to completely overcome my anxious and depressive tendencies.”

If you saw the show you will have seen how a life resigned to a ‘two-up-two-down’ home became a life of going out shopping, walking the dogs, and enjoying a much freer existence, things that had not been possible for over four years.

“When things were at their bleakest for us, finding a sympathetic ear was our dearest wish. Friends and family were very giving but there was a limit as to the number of times asking for help was acceptable or even comfortable. Believing we were running out of options Simon, my son, contacted The Trisha Goddard Show.

The rest, as they say, is history, and to this day we continue to live a life that we thought would not be possible.

There is no doubt in our minds that depression, anxiety and other such conditions can be resolved… we have been lucky enough to find an answer – we sincerely hope you do too.”

My thanks go to Simon and Sarah for allowing their story to be shared, and Trisha Goddard and her show for bringing it into the public’s awareness… Richard