The Personal Advancement Series

The Personal Advancement Series, Plymouth, UK – Continuing on October the 4th, 2017

I’m delighted to have partnered with Sergie Hajikakou to create and launch this series of Personal Advancement seminars, workshops, Master Classes, certification trainings and retreats.

We are concerned that the health and wellbeing industries are awash with claims and promises that too often under deliver and mislead.

He is someone I have a huge respect for as a colleague and human being; I consider him an excellent role model for the work he does and the philosophy, practices and principles he teaches and facilitates his clients through.

We encourage individuals to trust their own judgement in preference to being influenced by fear when it comes to their health choices.

We share similar beliefs about where our industry has been, where it is going in terms of direction, as well as what we feel continues to be missing – or at least a very rare commodity – namely, an integrity and congruence regarding the treatment of illness and creation of wellness.

We want to enable you to trust your own judgement more when in the presence of a professional regarding whether or not their advice is right for you.

We believe there is an excess of misleading and misrepresentative information “out there” and wish to educate and inform on much of what we have discovered during our professional careers that with thought-provoking regularity flies in the face of conventional and traditional approaches and answers to the continuously asked questions regarding why we become ill and how we can heal.

We believe that education leads to self-empowerment and the development of self-responsibility and self-accountability.

We’d like you to join us, and in doing so become part of – and help shape – a community of like-minded, like-hearted, like-souled and like-driven individuals committed to making a positive difference without having to keep re-visiting or trying “new” approaches to experiencing optimal wellbeing.

We believe everyone deserves greater certainty and clarity about what will enhance their levels of wellbeing.

Our [first] Wednesday [in every month] evening seminars are followed up with live webinars and recorded podcasts, half-day workshops and Master Classes designed for further immersion, and a commitment to tailor on-going programmes and retreats subject to demand.

We have experienced that individuals need to be supported to find the courage to play more of a pro-active role when it comes to their health.

Stress, emotions, relationships and life balance are the broad headings under which we’ll be going into depth throughout the series. These we have determined as being amongst some of the most – if not the most – important areas to explore when it comes to health, wellbeing, happiness and success.

We are committed to helping lift the veil that takes the form of criticism from the mainstream media, government, and pharmaceutical companies on what does and doesn’t “work”.

The series continues on October the 4th, with the venue details, timings and investment viewable on the following web page, as can the links to click to book a seat. Alternatively, you can secure and pay for your seat at Sergie’s Plymouth clinic (152 Mannamead Road, PL3 5QL), or by calling 01752 770131. It is also possible to turn up and pay on the night itself if you prefer.

We are in the business of encouraging individuals to thrive, not just survive, as a consequence of illness.

The 2018 programme continues from the second Wednesday in January, reverting back to the first of each month thereafter, with the first of the half-day workshops and Master Classes commencing in February.

There’s also a health-focused retreat and after-care programme coming in June, 2018, the details of which will be finalized and published once we have consulted with those attendees of the events in the months prior.

Click here or call 01752 770131 to book a seat at any/all of the 2017 Wednesday evening seminars… we hope you can make it.