Hello and welcome…

It is my absolute contention that our emotions steer and influence our state of physical health and overall wellbeing.

We are only just waking up to the reality that, whether we honour or avoid them, they represent a significant player in determining the quality of illness and wellness we experience, not to mention how they affect our moods, beliefs and behaviours, the majority of which are deeply unconscious.

One of our biggest barriers to experiencing the levels of wellness we covet – and avoiding or successfully treating the illnesses that befall us – is in accurately interpreting and skillfully following the steps in the dance between our emotions and physical symptoms.

Truth #1: Science continues to support this viewpoint with increasing regularity.

Truth #2: History tells us it has always been this way.

With ancient history and modern-day science becoming more and more aligned, the challenge is to bring into the light how we facilitate such a paradigm shift without being blinded by the consequences of becoming aware, in many cases for the first time, that we have much more influence over our health and wellbeing than we perhaps realise.

These are new oceans we are being invited to navigate, and my hope is that in connecting through my on-line ‘home’ I’ll in some way illuminate, direct, and smooth that passage for you.

I look forward to helping you thrive emotionally.